Who We Are

Our Firm

Serpe Andrews is a trial firm that provides big firm experience with a small firm mentality. Our firm was founded on the principle that our clients deserve expert representation without the bureaucracy and expense associated with a large firm. We believe that quality service requires constant communication with our clients.

We also pride ourselves in our ability to use novel approaches to reach the best results for our clients. In pursuing these principles, we carefully select each of our attorneys based not only on their expertise as litigators, but also on their initiative and drive to zealously represent our clients.

With offices in Houston and Austin, Texas, as well as Santa Fe and Las Cruces, New Mexico, our firm provides representation throughout the U.S. Given our diverse background and experience, we handle all manner of civil litigation, including healthcare litigation, complex commercial litigation, personal injury, and products liability litigation. Serpe Andrews is a full-service litigation firm for several clients, which is a testament to the trust the firm has earned through positive results.

Our Approach

Serpe Andrews is a firm of trial lawyers. Regardless of the nature of the case, we always prepare as if it will go to trial with an eye on winning in the courtroom. An important part of this strategy is developing a theme to help the jury better understand the issues. Once a theme is developed, the case is handled with a constant direction toward this theme. This strategy not only leads to success in the courtroom, but favorable resolutions for our clients.

We believe it is vitally important for the client to actively participate in developing the strategy for each case. While our attorneys will become experts on the subject matter underlying every case, we recognize that the client themselves possess invaluable knowledge and expertise on the subject. As a result, we work hand in hand with our clients throughout the case and we welcome and encourage client involvement. After all, the case belongs to our client.

Most importantly, we staff our cases with experienced litigators who are dedicated to winning each and every case. We do not believe in “losing” cases. Rather, we believe every matter can be won with the right strategy and theme.

Commonly Asked Questions

What differentiates Serpe Andrews from larger firms?

Serpe Andrews distinguishes itself from larger firms by combining the extensive experience typically found at big firms with the personalized attention and cost-effectiveness of a smaller firm. Clients receive top-notch legal representation without the added layers of bureaucracy and expense. The firm's commitment to quality service is demonstrated through constant communication and a tailored approach to each client's unique needs.

Can clients be involved in the litigation strategy at Serpe Andrews?

Yes, client involvement is a cornerstone of the litigation strategy at Serpe Andrews. The firm values the unique knowledge and insights that clients bring to their cases. By working closely with clients and encouraging their active participation, the firm ensures that the litigation strategy is enriched with the client's own expertise and perspective, ultimately contributing to the case's success.