Appellate Litigation

Texas and New Mexico Appellate Litigation Attorneys

Serpe Andrews not only provides excellent representation at the trial level, but it also provides outstanding representation on appeal. Our appellate section has a high success rate in prosecuting and defending appeals in the state and federal system. Our attorneys have contributed to several appellate decisions setting forth new law in the State of Texas. We understand that, in order to succeed on appeal, many times the arguments cannot be limited to the current state of the law. Therefore, through the creativity of our appellate lawyers, we often prevail by successfully advocating for modifications, extensions, or changes to existing law. Additionally, our appellate expertise allows us to assist our clients, as well as the clients of other attorneys, in preserving appellate issues throughout pre-trial and trial proceedings.

Serpe Andrews attorneys are well versed in the appellate process in a multitude of jurisdictions and venues. Our attorneys have handled voluminous appeals involving complex procedural and substantive issues of law in various Texas state appellate courts, the Supreme Court of Texas, and multiple U.S. Courts of Appeals. Our appellate expertise is additionally instrumental in working up a case in the trial phase of litigation with an eye towards properly preserving issues for appeal at the trial level and effectively presenting issues of fact and law to trial courts.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Experienced Litigators

    Our team has decades of combined legal experience and we have the tools, resources, and dedication to win every case we take on.

  • Customized Legal Strategies

    An advantage to our size is our unique ability to work hand in hand with each of our clients. We welcome and encourage client involvement and develop custom strategies for each of our cases.

  • Focused on Civil Litigation

    Our firm is dedicated to defending individuals and corporations and handles all areas of civil litigation. We protect your rights and defend your future.

  • Dedicated Representation

    We have a unique ability to offer you skillful representation without the bureaucracy and expense associated with a large firm.